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With their first practice on November 14, 2010,  Mercer Special Hockey had 13 Players, 7 Coaches and 4 Junior Coaches. Since that first season, the program has grown to over 40 Players, 10 Coaches and more than 30 Junior Coaches. Founded by a group of parents and volunteers, the Mercer Special Hockey program works to provide opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to participate in the sport of ice hockey in a specially-adapted learning environment. Mercer Special Hockey is comprised of over 40 developmentally disabled players (ages 5 and up) across a wide range of abilities, from advanced to learn-to-skate, who participate in a brand of the sport known as "Special Hockey."

Bowling with the Bulldogs

The Fundraising Committee has arranged for a bowling event to be held Sunday Feb. 22 from 1-4 PM at Curtis Lanes in Ewing. While it is a fundraiser, as the Bulldogs will get a portion of the proceeds, it is simply a great opportunity to have all of our players hanging out and bonding with one another off the ice. You're encouraged to invite friends and family to have a fun afternoon on an otherwise boring, winter afternoon!

Friendship Tournament - Rochester, NY

  • The Friendship Tournment Host is the Rochester Ice Cats.
  • Games will be spread across April 11th and 12th (weekend after Easter).

2014-2015 Season Coming to a Close

The Mercer Bulldogs 5th Season is drawing to a close soon. Sunday, March 8 is the last day of Hockey and our annual awards breakfast.  It has always been a time to honor our kids, coaches and junior coaches. Parents have always been more than generous with bringing in food to share. The Bulldogs will be supplying bagels, coffee and hot chocolate.

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